A Strong Tower

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe.

Proverbs 18:10

In a world full of trials, troubles, dangers and tribulations we always look for a safe place, safety, safe job, safe neighborhood, safe schools, safe place to invest. Even though we find sometimes safety, it is not ensured. We may think we live in a safe house, but a moment of natural storm or flood or earthquake can affect us greatly.
There is no place or thing on earth which can give us safety, except the strong tower that bible talks about. The strong tower is the Name of the LORD.
The Name of the LORD refers to the various ways that the Lord reveals Himself to us. The Lord reveals Himself as a God who is long suffering, merciful loving, good, true, etc. Given the nature of these revealed attributes, the Lord is a God who can be relied upon in troubled times. He is the only and the very present help in trouble and place of safety.
He is like a strong tower to whom we can run for protection from everything that comes against us.
In those days cities had fortress and strong towers were built in fortress. When enemy attacks the city and when people are outside the fortress, then run to it and get inside the strong tower for safety and protection. This is exactly what happens to us. We sometimes tend to drift away from the Lord's safety net and be in a danger zone, but when enemy attacks, when trouble comes, the LORD is merciful, and when we call on Him, trusting that He is good, merciful and loving, we enter the strong tower of safety and are saved.
So today run to the strong tower, run to the LORD and you will surely be protected, delivered, helped, set free. No weapons formed against you shall prosper, because the LORD is your tower and will protect you.