The Time

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Ecclesiastes 3:12

Everything that we see around us and in our lives works as per God's time and as per His watch. The sun rises in the east not at the same time every day, but God has set a time for it, some days it is early, some days it is late. And when it happens in God's time, it is beautiful.
Even the seasons we see happens in God's time not too soon and not too early, and it is beautiful to see the different colors at the right time.
Similarly, God has already planned the various things that happen in our lives already, and he unfolds it as per his time. Every need in our life is met as per God timing.
Every blessing we receive is as per His timing.
Some blessings are released to us immediately and some blessings take time to be released, and it is because we can only enjoy that blessing at a time, we can only manage that blessing at that time, not too soon and not too early.
So today you may be praying for a need in your life, pray without ceasing, you will surely receive the answer to your prayer in His perfect time, and it will be beautiful.
If you haven't received the answers does not mean your prayers are not answered, it means His time has not come yet.
You don't eat breakfast at dinner time, you don't go to bed in the morning and wake up in the evening every day, you do all at the right time. Similarly, in the Kingdom of God all happens in His time, and it is for your good.
So take heart and be rest assured that your blessing is on your way in His time, and it will be awesome and beautiful.