Lack no good thing

The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.

Psalms 84:11

Psalmist has experienced God's goodness like no other. In almost every psalm, he talks about the goodness of God and how much God does good to those who walk in His ways.
God, whom we worship by nature, does only good and loves to do good to His people.
He volunteers to be our Shepherd to take care of us and our needs that we lack no good thing. He goes before us to make way for us, He prepares a place for us and honors us.
Goodness of the LORD surrounds His people and His unfailing love last forever.
This is the promise that God likes to remind us today in this month of July, that He will not withhold any good thing.
So in this month of July approach your Father in heaven with confidence in your prayer, knowing His promise that he will not withhold, no good thing from you.
He will rejoice in doing good to you.
Receive the good things that God has prepared for you by believing in your heart first, then you will see it manifest in your life.
The LORD will surely answer all your prayers and will withhold no good thing from you.
Have a blessed July.