The Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

Stability causes us to stay strong and motivated and do the will of God. When we have a stable income, stable job, and when the environment we live is stable, we tend to have peace, our mind is free, and we tend to think better. Even our health is better, and our body tends to recover from the stress, when we have stability.
Bible promises us that God is the one who provides the stability to us. It is not our job or inheritance, wealth, or our ability, but the Lord who is faithful who is the one who establishes you and me.
Hence, it is important that we practice fixing our eyes upon Him all the time, even in times when the report is not good, the news is not good, when the foundation is shaken.
Your stability in life comes from the LORD who made the heaven and the earth. For He is at your right hand, and you are not shaken.
You have to stay on the rock who is our Lord Jesus Christ.
When you put your trust and confidence in the world, you build your house on the sand, which becomes unstable in a storm and crumbles down.
The Lord is the one who establishes you today, makes you stable, prevents you from falling down and protects you from evil.
So rejoice and be glad today, LORD Jesus Christ, will establish you and all that concerns you.