Inseparable Love

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.

Psalms 63:3

Psalmist tasted God's love than anybody. It is not because God loved him more than anybody, it is because he was mindful of His love. Every day and night, David was aware that God's love was with him, surrounding him, protecting him, providing for him and taking care of him.
That is why David was able to sustain for 17 long years from the dreadful evil of King Saul.
Today, like David, we also face dreadful evil. The enemy, the devil, is roaming around looking for someone whom he can devour.
We are easily vulnerable to all the evil plans of the enemy. But one thing we should always keep in mind that, God's love is surrounding us like a shield, where ever we go and whatever we do.
God's love shows us mercy and forgives us, God's love cares for us and knows our every need.
That is why David mentioned that God's Love is better than life. Life in this world can give wealth, riches, fame, and all our desires, but nothing can come close to God's love.
So today you may feel discouraged that you do not have what the world offers, you do not have a nice job, nice home, great education etc., take courage, God's love is with you always, that all you need. God's inseparable love will supply all your needs according to its riches.