Let go and Let God

Be still and know that I am God.

Psalms 46:10

The Hebrew translation of the word still is rāp̄â and one of the meaning of this Hebrew word rāp̄â is 'let go'. So you would read this verse in the Hebrew language in which it was written, it would mean, let go and know that I am God.
So what does let go mean, what to let go?
God is telling the people of Israel, to stop panicking, worrying, fearing, and instead leave the concerns, worries, problems in His hands and then see what God will do.
This is the promise verse God is given us commanding us to let go, take our hand of from our situation and circumstances.
God is commanding us to let go of what we are doing and start putting our trust in Him and wait and see what He will do in our lives.
Are you trying to fix your problems all by yourself, or maybe you are not sure how to come out of the problem, you are worried, panicked, in shock, in confusion
and is pre-occupied in your mind with all this, knowing that worrying, fearing, panicking does not help.
You may have tried many things, reached out to many friends for help, but still the problem you face exist.
Today, let go of your effort and let God take care of it for you.
Unless you let go, God does not get involved with helping you.
Let go and Let God perform the miracle in your life.