Your steps are ordered

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, and He delights in his way.

Psalms 37:23

Who is a good man ? As per the bible definition, a good man is the one who is right in the sight of the LORD. Bible call such a man as a righteous man. In the Old Testament, those Israelites who followed the ways of the LORD, obeyed His law and commandments, were considered righteous in the sight of GOD. Those who were considered righteous in the sight of the LORD, received many blessings from Him, and one such blessing was God ordering their footsteps, that is everything that the righteous man does, God prospers it, approves it, and flourishes it. God blesses the righteous man so much because He knows that the righteous man does everything as per His will.
In the New Testament in the bible, this changed in a big way. Unlike the Old Testament, a good man is not the one who follows all of God's law and keeps it, but a good man is the one who believes and has faith in God's Son, LORD Jesus Christ. Yes, all one has to do is just believe that LORD Jesus Christ is God and way to the Father in heaven. Since Jesus lived a perfect righteous life, whoever believed in him are also made righteous. We read about the in Romans 3:22.
So today do you believe in LORD Jesus Christ as God and Savior, then you are a good man, righteous in the sight of God. God sees you're righteous, which means He orders your every footstep, that is whatever you do He prospers, approves, flourishes, because God knows you will do all things as per His will, because the God's Holy Spirit who is in you will make you walk in God's will.
So don't be discouraged, doubtful if you're doing the right thing in whatever you are doing. Whatever you are doing now, is God's will, and He has ordered it, because you are righteous in His sight. If it is not His will, He will never approve of it. So whatever you do, do it joyfully for the LORD, and He will bless the work of your hands.