Hide behind the Father

Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.

Psalms 34:8

When a child faces a danger, it immediately runs behind its father and hides behind him, because the child knows that it is safe hiding behind its father than facing the giant itself.
Similarly, in our every day walk we have our heavenly Father who is with us, and we too face dangers and giants in our lives, which comes to attack us and threaten us.
The best place for us to be during those dangerous times is behind our Father, that is, taking refuge in Him.
Run behind Him and hide behind Him.
When we take refuge in Him, we dwell safely. Even though there will be dangerous and storms around us, it won't harm us, because our heavenly Father will take care of us.
When we take refuge in Him, we are well-fed, protected, provided and taken care very well.
Today we are living in the days of uncertain times, we passed through the years of pestilence and hearing about wars and facing inflation. The world is in a chaos and feels as though it is ready to explode.
The only and best place we have to be is behind our Father, that is taking refuge in Him every day.
Say to Him, Father I take refuge in you, protect me and take care of me. After all, it is our heavenly Father who own us, and we belong to Him, He will surely take care of us.
May your stronghold, your safe dwelling place, be behind your Father in heaven.