Blessed be the LORD

Blessed be the LORD, because He has heard the voice of my supplications.

Psalms 28:6

Every day when you pray, God hears your prayers. He not only hears your prayers, but acts on it. It is an awesome privilege that God hears our prayers and answers it.
That is why it is important that we pray every day, even when circumstances does not seem favorable to us.
When all else fails, prayer is the only thing that stands guarding us, working for us and giving us the victory.
When you pray, heaven's doors opens, and you are literally taken in the spirit before the Father in heaven. You stand before the Almighty God who loves to see you.
When you pray, angels are despatched for you to be with you and help you and guard you.
When you pray, God builds a fortress around you. Impossible things happen when you pray.
This is what the psalmist experienced in his lifetime. Prayer is the key to a blessed living, and blessed be the LORD who takes care of us.
Therefore, rejoice and go to prayer. Be glad when you pray. For whatever you pray is heard, and good things happen.
It is better to pray and wait for God to act, than you try to do everything on your own and not pray.
Pray without ceasing.