Path of life

You make known to me the path of life.

Psalms 16:11

The only nature of our Lord Jesus Christ is to give life, walk us in the path of life. He makes a covenant with you to give life. He does not take life or bring destruction to life.
So what is life? Life is defined as being which prospers, which grows, which expands, is full of energy, life is a being, which functions to its fullest capacity without limit as intended by its creator.
Yes we are created by God to prosper, be in good health, be in peace and be joyful and function every day with our God given gifts and talents and fulfill God's purposes.
But many times due to the sinful nature of this world, we fall short in achieving this goal. We stop prospering, or being joyful, we become weak and unable to function to the best capacity, because of sin, sickness and sorrow.
But the good news today is this, we are not alone. Jesus came to give us life back, the life we lost, and give it back more abundantly.
When we seek Him, He shows us how to get back on our feet and live an abundant life as God intended for us. He fills us again with His peace and Joy,
and gives us strength to function to the fullest capacity. Yes, Jesus makes known to us the path of life, every day and even today. He has good things in store for you and wants to show you. He wants to fix your broken relationship, He wants to restore health to you, He wants to deliver you from the trouble you're facing and teach you how to live an abundant life.
When you are with Jesus always, He will show you the path of life, show you how to flourish and prosper. So seek Him with all your heart today, and He will make all your paths straight.